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11-Aug-2017 04:50

Eleven o’clock on a Monday morning during the Costa Rican rainy season and it’s all white boys at the bar, eight of them, except for one wobbly local named Fernando that the security guys keep trying to pour out the door.

Seven girls sit on stools in the back corner, smoking cigarettes and looking bored.

Black girls and brown girls and beige girls and even a couple of white girls, brunet and blond and redheaded and skinny and chubby and tall and short and stacked and not-as-stacked, and every one of them single. When’s the last time that happened at the Bennigan’s in Parsippany? Even then, in 2001, the Blue Marlin was legendary among a certain sort of gringo tourist—the sort who likes a wide selection of pretty, inexpensive women in a safe place where the bartenders speak their language. —in English along the highway from the airport, and the street corners and parks parceled out by gender and age and fetish.

Cheap blow jobs from old whores with drug problems?

What’s nice about it, though, is that it’s a Holiday Inn. And by the early 1990s, they’d branded Costa Rica with a reputation as a sex haven—a reputation that stuck and then exploded near the end of the century. For one thing, prostitution is legal, or at least isn’t illegal: The business isn’t tad or regulated like, say, casinos or bars, but there is no law against an adult selling his or her body for cash.

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That’s a great feeling, but don’t lose your good sense in the original bliss.“Yeah, don’t lose your good sense. She’ll be charming and gently aggressive, in a way you only wish the women back home would be. She’s not going to ask you for any money, not right away. The tourist board is much more enthusiastic about their beaches, rain forests, and volcanoes, and the country’s official slogan—no artificial ingredients—would seem to have nothing at all to do with picking up prostitutes in bars.The Portsmouth speed limit is not enforced by speed humps or cameras, instead relying on motorists obeying the law.

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