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You may wonder why the instructions above tell you to click Don’t update in step 4.

The reason is that the left_file is contained in the template and in all templates and pages.

You can also access site templates from the New Document dialog.

Unfortunately, novice users often fail to implement templates correctly causing themselves a lot of frustration and extra work rather than saving time and effort.

You’ll learn how to do the following: • Create a Dreamweaver template • Insert editable regions • Produce child pages • Update templates and child pages This lesson will take about 1 hour to complete.

In many cases, the contents of the title and the description metadata will appear verbatim in the results page of a search. Once a child page has been created from a template, only the content within the editable regions can be modified in the child page. Be aware: If you open the page in a text editor, like Notepad or Text Edit, the code is fully editable. Typically, Dreamweaver defaults to the last document view (Code, Design, or Live) you were using for the new document. Creating a new page The decision to use Dreamweaver templates for a site should be made at the beginning of the design process so that all the pages in the site can be made as child pages of the template. In the New Document dialog, select the Site Templates option. Select mygreen_temp in the Template For Site “lesson08” list. Select the Update Page When Template Changes option, if necessary. Dreamweaver creates a new page based on the template. In Design view, you will see the name of the template file displayed in the upper-right corner of the document window. Templates enable a workgroup environment in which page content is created and edited by several team members while the web designer controls the page design and the specific elements that must remain unchanged. The template options will not be accessible within Live view. Whenever you add or change content within the dynamic regions of the template and save it, Dreamweaver passes those changes to all the child pages automatically, keeping them up-to-date. Some sections of the page should contain areas where you can insert unique content.

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Although you can create a template from a blank page, converting an existing page into a template is far more practical and also far more common. Dreamweaver allows you to designate these areas of the page as .

First, give some thought to which areas of the page should be part of the template and which should be open for editing. Inserting metadata A well-designed webpage includes several important components that users may never see. Metadata is descriptive information about your webpage or the contents it contains that is often used by other applications, like the browser or a search engine.

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